Instructions for Use

How to apply TeachersTape®

    1. Peel foam square off the plain paper exposing the bottom adhesive.
    2. Place square with adhesive side down onto the item you wish to hang. Press firmly over entire surface. To hang a small poster, place a square in each corner. Lighter objects will require fewer pieces of tape. Heavier objects will require more tape.
    3. Peel foam square off the plain paper exposing the bottom adhesive.Remove the printed top paper, exposing the adhesive, and hang.

How to remove TeachersTape®

    1. Slowly peel back a corner of the object to remove it from the surface on which it was hanging.
    2. Carefully roll or peel off any tape that remains on either surface and discard.

Tips for Using TeachersTape®

    Tip #1
    Use several pieces of TeachersTape® to hang objects such as gatorboard. One happy fifth grade teacher hung sand paintings and not one of them fell!

    Tip #2
    Try TeachersTape® in learning centers that are laminated. Use TeachersTape® so students can easily move cards around until they are satisfied. Cards will stay put until checked. Once checked, cards can be moved back and reused. (Note: product is not intended to be re-useable and will lose adhesive quality over time if repeatedly repositioned.)

    Tip #3
    Use TeachersTape® to hang required Safety Information and be confident that the information will remain where you put it.

    Tip #4
    Use TeachersTape® under small objects (such as plants and sculptures) on ledges or desks to prevent the objects from moving.

    Tip #5
    Use TeachersTape® to pick up spilled glitter.

    Tip #6
    Use TeachersTape® to add dimension to communication boards for easier grasping.

    Tip #7
    Use TeachersTape® all over the classroom. A satisfied Teacher at Shawanoe Elementary in Kansas uses TeachersTape® to hang number lines, a graph of how her students go home, alphabet charts, and so much more. "It holds well and I have never had anything fall down."