1. How much weight will TeachersTape® hold?

The product is designed for lightweight applications such as posters, artwork and decorations. A sheet of 8 1ā„2ā€ x 11ā€ construction paper can easily be supported by two pieces of TeachersTape® (one in each top corner). Larger and heavier items will require more pieces at the top and around the perimeter.

2. Is TeachersTape® safe for my surface?

Hard, non-porous surfaces like laminates, metal, plastics, painted concrete block, wood and white board are all safe with TeachersTape® .

3. What surfaces will TeachersTape® not work on?

a) Dirty, dusty, oily and cold surfaces (< 50° F) will prevent the adhesive from bonding properly.
b) Most wallpapers, as they tend to split when tapes are adhered. TeachersTape® may be safe for some washable /laminated wallpaper. Test in an inconspicuous area.
c) Glass that allows the adhesive to be exposed to light; sunlight will, over time, diminish the tape's holding power. Short-term applications (one to two weeks) are possible.
d) Painted wallboard must be tested on an individual basis as the quality of the paint and wallboard dictate how well the product can be removed. Test in an inconspicuous area.

4. Can TeachersTape® be used more than once?

The tape is designed to be removable, not repositionable. Multiple use is not intended.

5. Is TeachersTape® safe for me and my students to use?

The TeachersTape® formulation has been used safely in industry for over 10 years. Of course, as with any product, normal precautions should be taken when using with young children.

6. How can I purchase TeachersTape® ?

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