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TeachersTape.com offers teachers a unique alternative to common classroom tapes such as masking tape, mounting clay, push pins and other more expensive fastening options that never seem to work properly.

Our custodian approved TeachersTape® removable foam tape works well with surfaces found in and around the classroom: painted concrete walls, chalkboards, whiteboards, wood, metal, plastic and glass. With TeachersTape®, objects stay hung until you choose to take them down. And objects come off cleanly, leaving no residue or tape scrapes... Learn More

In addition to our popular removable foam tapes, we supply other tapes used to organize the classroom and are great for crafts and other projects. Our Magnetic Tape is great for hanging calendars, signs and nameplates as well as other lightweight items. The No Slip Tape is a must have permanent adhesive tape that allows you to line your bookshelves to keep books standing up and organized. No Slip Tape can also be used around common areas in the classroom wherever heavy objects that need to stay in place are kept.

TeachersTape® is committed to great customer service, which is why most orders are shipped within 24 hours. We understand finding the right adhesive tape can be complicated, so we make it simple for you to choose from a wide variety of samples to try before you buy. Whether you're looking to buy adhesive tape in bulk or only need to order a small amount, TeachersTape® will be able to accommodate you, with satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with your product you may return it for a replacement or a credit.

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